50 Years Since the First Earth Day, April 21st 1970.

Celebrate(but honestly, also kind of mourn?) this crazy occasion with a capsule including sustainably sourced products: a shirt, tote bag, water bottle, and socks, $77. ALL THE MONEY goes to TPL, as well as 1% to Save the World; for the hope of positive change in EPA laws, foreign policy/relations, and non-recyclable materials.

Let's Get Back to Being Stewards of the Land and Sea <3

-"Our public land is under threat. You can help save it." - TPL

With your help, The Trust for Public Land has saved over 3.6 million acres of public land, and completed more than 5,400 park and community projects across the country. But we are facing an uphill battle to fight national monument rollbacks and cuts in conservation funding. Your help is needed now more than ever.

Eco-Hoe's Monthly Charity:

The Trust for Public Land

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100% of the money from the Earth Day 2021 Capsule goes to TPL this month, then another charity next month!